Favorite PM Articles – Week of 5/21/12

Each week I collect a list of some of my favorite project management articles. These include insights from a few of my favorite blogs on topics from PMP certification to agile methodology. Project management is a field that thrives on collaboration. Whether you are managing projects for software development, web design or any other digital implementation there is something here for you. Check back often for even more tips and tricks to keeping your projects on time and on budget.

A Gorilla Primer: What the Heck is Agile?

Joel Bancroft-Connors addresses the “gorilla in the room” who he has lovingly named Hogarth. Most people look at Agile as a methodology, when in reality it is a loose set of principles. Also, many assume that Scrum is the only method for achieving Agile. In this article, Bancroft-Connors touches on several other Agile practices.

An Update on Google Docs as a Requirements Tool

Ted Hardy undertook an experiment using Google Docs online suite as his main tool for all project documentation and collaboration. in this article he shares the good along with the bad and also provides some insights to other teams thinking of doing the same thing.

Problem Solving and Decision Making Processes

Allison Wood writes an interesting article on making decisions. It seems like a simple task, yet I see more projects stalled by the team’s inability to overcome a problem. In most cases these problems could have been overcome by a project manager evaluating a solution and making the executive decision to implement it.

Use Military Ideas to Get Buy-in From Your Project Team

What does the military have in common with project management? More than you might think. In this article, Lynda Bourne discusses how principles of leadership from our armed forces can translate into successful engagement with your project team.