Web Design Process: A Scientific Method

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Web development can sometimes be a mysterious process. It’s a large undertaking and many people are intimidated by the prospect. Each website is different and has it’s own unique specifications and requirements. But just like the Great Pyramid or the Panama Canal, it is all possible given the right process framework. The trick is to understand the big picture, but to focus on the small achievable tasks; to have a plan, but not panic when things go awry; to maintain a sense of urgency, but portray a calm demeanor to your team. Being able to maintain these seeming contradictions is what makes a good project manager. It takes many skills, but the word that I think best describes it is this: Balance.

For a project manager, the process is our treasure. We guard it jealously and without it we are lost. Good project managers know how to follow a process, and the great ones know how to manipulate it and make it work for them. The tremendous infographic below was created by New Design Group Inc, a web design company in Toronto. This chart helps illustrate the, often intense, process of web development for those who’d like a look behind the curtain.

Periodic Table of Web Design Process
Periodic Table of Web Design Process – created by
New Design Group

I love this graphic for a few reasons. First, it spells out in very understandable terms the activities that go into building a website. But also, it implies the scientific nature of the endeavor. A strong process framework is essential to good web design, if for no other reason than knowing the rules is the only way you can break them effectively.