Uncharted 2: Among Thieves – Playstation 3

uncharted-2-among-thievesExpectations were high for this Playstation exclusive sequel and the developers at Naughty Dog did not disappoint. The game sports both excellent game play and a superb storyline. And, unlike most games with such in-depth single player action, Among Thieves has a rich multi-player offering as well.

Now, I know there are some of you out there that just can?t picture yourself playing a third-person perspective game in a multi-player mode, but don?t dismiss this game without giving it a whirl. The ten-player death match is easy to pick up, but just hard enough that it keeps you coming back. Admittedly, aiming and general gunplay in a third-person will take some adjustment for those of us accustomed to Call of Duty or the Halo franchise, but the transition is well worth it. Overall, I?ll vouch that this is the some of the best online multi-player action you are likely to see this year.

However, it?s not the online play that sold me. I?m a sucker for story and this one?s a doozy. I?ve long said that the evolution of the long-form narrative belongs to video games and Uncharted 2 is another step in that direction. Anyone out there who grew up watching the Indiana Jones franchise will appreciate the treasure hunter feel evoked by Nathan Drake, right down to the ?I?m making this up as I go along? attitude. Drake?s banter keeps the story moving and makes the transition play lively. But what Among Thieves does better than anyone else are the cinematic scenes. This game almost feels like an animated movie that just happens to have player interactions. Don?t get me wrong; the gaming is fantastic, but at times it?s almost inconsequential to the larger story. It is as if it was a necessary, but entertaining, distraction to move you on to the juicier plot points.

Finally, Sony has another exclusive franchise that can give gamers a good reason to purchase a console. This release is timed perfectly along with the new PS3 slim at the lower price and just in time for the holiday buying season. For the first time since it?s inception Sony?s Playstation 3 might have a holiday lineup superior to that of the Xbox. With Uncharted 2 and Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time (in stores October 27th), Sony is making a strong play at Microsoft?s dominant market share.

I?ve long made my position known. I think the PS3 is the superior gaming platform. I?m just glad there are finally some games like Uncharted 2: Among Thieves that justify my opinion.

  • Kevin Roush

    Well said. I lost count of the number of times the game transitioned from cut scene to actual game play without me realizing it. How?s that for immersion? One of the best all around video gaming experiences you?ll get anywhere. Even if you have to buy the console, it?s well worth the price of admission.

  • Joe Wilson

    Agreed. What was really embarrassing was when I realized I was still pressing buttons during the cinematics. My wife kept asking if I was playing or if it was just an exposition scene. I would look up startled and say “ummm…yes?”

  • Tim Wilson

    I can’t agree on the story line because lets be honest I can’t get away from the multi-player long enough to play it. Be careful to give it awards for best multi-player this year when Modern Warfare 2 comes out in just a few weeks now. I have to be honest, I have pre-ordered MW2 but it might be shelved for a few weeks as I think I will still be stuck on Uncharted 2!

    P.S. I have saved the video from the two of us losing the match for everyone by hunkering down in the back of the truck. You thought it was you and Kevin but in replaying it(so awesome we can do that) Kevin ran by the truck and could see the absolutely stupid mistake we had made and ran off.