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IFTTT Automates Your Digital Life

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Wouldn’t you like to web to work the way you want it to? Have you ever posted an image to Instagram and then had to go through the same process of posting it to your Twitter account? I bet you wish there was some way to automate that process. If This Then That (IFTTT) is a service that connects all the other services and products in your digital life. The way it works can seem a little complicated at first, but it’s actually remakably simple once you’ve gotten the hang…read more

Stitcher – Smart Radio

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For a while now I’ve been using a podcast aggregation app called Stitcher. Many of you may already be familiar with this little slice of app heaven, but for those of you that are not…get ready. Stitcher does for podcasting what Spotify did for streaming music. It makes the medium itself much more useful. Sticher works directly with podcasters and collects feeds from all manner of topics. Everything from news and commentary to sports talk to educational podcasts. The app is available as a web-based service, but the most useful platform…read more

Waze – Social Mapping

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Smartphone mapping applications had been pretty well dominated by Google Maps until Apple cut ties with the Mountain View based web giant. But Apple stumbled mightily with the introduction of it’s own Maps application. The term debacle comes to mind when describing the failure that was Apple Maps. To open the door even further Google took it’s sweet time releasing a custom built application for iOS. The quibbling of the two tech behemoths created a virtual land grab for users. A myriad of mapping applications made their case for home…read more

Reading the Tea Leaves: Can Amazon’s Android Tablet Compete with iPad?

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The Web is abuzz about Amazon’s new Android-based tablet set to launch this fall. Their current Kindle-branded e-reader continues to sell to book enthusiasts and e-books remain a strong category for Amazon. In fact, earlier this year e-books passed sales of printed books for the first time ever. But a fully functional Android tablet marks a departure for the online retailer. While e-readers were a logical step for Amazon that has its roots as an online book seller, tablets are a different beast altogether. It’s not as much of a stretch as…read more

Android, It’s Here To Stay

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Attention Steve Jobs and all Apple fanboys! The Android platform is not going away. With the release of the new Motorola Droid and version 2.0 of the Android OS, Google has proven that it’s not going to be bullied by the iPhone anymore. What’s more, the number of Android options available in the market makes it easy to find the phone that fits you. So I thought it might be handy to give a quick rundown of the Android devices that are currently available in the States. These are all…read more