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It’s the Documentation, Stupid

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Project management is often more of an art than a science. While I do believe that statement is true, the particular turn of phrase can be very misleading. Many times, people use it to excuse general disorganization or a lack of discipline. But every good artist knows that without preparation, honed skill, and hard work, any piece is bound to fail. According to Michael O’Brochta, a senior project manager at the CIA, the art of project management is “about applying common sense with uncommon discipline.” In 1992, Democratic political strategist…read more

Adaptive Project Management Using Scrum

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Since time immemorial man has been undertaking great projects. The Pyramids, Stonehenge, just to name a few. All of these projects have had one thing in common; A lowly human with no superpowers was the one responsible for making sure that necessary tasks were accomplished in order to achieve the end goal. Whoever that person was, an Egyptian Pharaoh or a Celtic priest, that person was the project manager. The job existed long before it was given a name. Of course, as soon as society did name it we…read more

Manage Your Websites Locally With MAMP Pro

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As any web developer worth his weight in JavaScript knows, you have to test your web sites and applications in detail, and in the environment where they will ultimately exist. This necessitates the need to recreate that environment locally, a sandbox for experimentation and testing. There are several server environments out there, and I don’t want to get into the strengths and weaknesses of them here, but suffice to say that the one most widely used on the interwebs is the open source Apache web server with PHP and MySQL….read more