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Navdy Feels Like Driving In The Future

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The HUD or heads up display in your automobile has been a promise of technology for a long time. We’ve seen them in sci-fi movies and coveted them for a long time. A few auto manufactures like BMW and Cadillac have even given it a shot, but these implementations have been fairly limited. Doug Simpson and Karl Guttag are trying to deliver the HUD as a practical application that can easily be installed in any car. Navdy connects to your smartphone, so it doesn’t need a lot of computing power….read more

Open Nest – Unlocking the Internet of Things

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Google has positioned Nest to be the central platform in the Internet of Things. Google announced recently that it will open it’s ever popular smart thermostat up to third-party developers. To try to put this in perspective, remember the iphone before Apple created the App store? No? That’s probably because the app store is what launched Apple’s iconic handheld into the stratosphere. Before the app store and the accompanying SDK (Software Development Kit), the iphone was cool, but not nearly the tool that has since revolutionized wireless technology. You may…read more

Apple Tablet Will Make All Your Dreams Come True

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By now everyone is aware of the anticipated announcement tomorrow by Apple. Rumors are flying and it seems everyone has a “reliable source” that can confirm that the new Apple tablet will have a 10 megapixel camera powered by pixie dust. Wild speculation might be fun, but I will be abstaining in this article. Instead, I would like to focus on my wish list. The below are features that very well may not be included in the final design, but I feel would be invaluable in any computer with a…read more


Amazon Should Stick With Content

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With the release of the Kindle 2 and the Kindle DX more people than ever are making the switch to a digital reading device. eBooks have been around for a long time, but what the market lacked was a delivery system. Amazon has endeavored to fill that void. The Kindle’s price point still remains too high for anyone but technophiles to justify the purchase. While I have no doubt that Amazon is committed to bringing the highest quality product to market, it’s not a hardware shop. Jeff Bezos has turned…read more