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2012 Tech News in Review

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2012 was a busy year in the world of technology. New gadgets, legal battles and corporate shake ups kept geek’s attention occupied all year long. Just how influential was 2012? It may be years before we can know for sure, but I think it’s safe to say that there was more than a few truly disruptive events that will shape the landscape of technology for the coming years. 2012 introduced the world to the ongoing problems of technology patent wars, we discovered how truly dependent we are on Google for our…read more

Microsoft’s New Anti-Virus Software

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What does Microsoft gain from offering it?s own anti-virus software? How about a little respect from the user? For too long Windows has been shipped as a defective product. Only Microsoft hegemony in the PC market can justify such a long period of acceptance from consumers. I can?t imagine any other product surviving for so long with as many security flaws. In fairness to Microsoft, hackers are constantly targeting them. It is the unfortunate side effect of having such dominant market share. We may, however, be seeing the end of…read more