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Goodbye Google Wave

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On August 4th Google announced that it would be discontinuing support for the Google Wave web service at the end of 2010. This decision was due largely to the fact that the once lauded web tool failed to gain traction and increasingly frustrated users trying to discover a workable use case. Wave was a light that burned out quickly in the tech community, hardly even reaching it’s first birthday before Google pulled the plug. There are those that will mourn it’s demise, but for most it will pass unnoticed as…read more


Google Wave & Project Management

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On Thursday Google announced it’s new real-time communication platform, Google Wave. It’s obvious that volumes could be filled on the potential this has for changing the way we communicate, but I want to focus on it’s implications for the discipline of Project Management. On first glance it’s easy to see several ways that this tool could change the way we manage projects. After all, at its heart, Wave is a communications tool, and what is project management besides highly focused communication. However, I believe that within this platform we may…read more