Navdy Feels Like Driving In The Future

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Navdy-1The HUD or heads up display in your automobile has been a promise of technology for a long time. We’ve seen them in sci-fi movies and coveted them for a long time. A few auto manufactures like BMW and Cadillac have even given it a shot, but these implementations have been fairly limited. Doug Simpson and Karl Guttag are trying to deliver the HUD as a practical application that can easily be installed in any car. Navdy connects to your smartphone, so it doesn’t need a lot of computing power. It really just has to serve as a display for data fed from your device. It mounts on the dash of your car and uses a high quality projector to display information directly in your field of vision while driving. You can control Navdy using voice commands and hand gestures. Notifications can be displayed on the screen or read aloud. The display adapts for multiple apps to function simultaneously. This comes in handy when you are using your navigation and get a call from the wife asking you to pick up milk on the way home. The heads up display is something that, if done well, could make driving safer while still allowing us to stay connected during our commute. You can pre-order the device now for $299 and they are expected to ship in early 2015.