Timeful Makes The Most Of Your Time

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mfMMMUtm_400x400Time is one of our most valuable resources. It’s finite and fleeting. For many of us, filling our free time with meaningful activities is a challenge. Human beings are easily distracted. It’s in our nature. The founders of Timeful have tackled this problem head on with a new iOS app that brings a bit of artificial intelligence to your daily schedule. By combining a to-do list with your calendar, Timeful can learn how you spend your time and allocate tasks in between your appointments. Need to finish that client presentation, but can’t find time to get started? Timeful will find the time for you. “Timeful’s job is to take things you said you want to do and find time to do it,” founder Jacob Bank has said in an interview. But this is much more than a simple calendar app that automagically fills your free time with stuff. Timeful learns from your reaction to it’s suggestions. Using an algorighm that the founders equate to Pandora’s and Netflix’s it gets better at suggesting activities the more you use and interact with it. It’s been called an “Intention Genome.” Timeful aslo aims to help you develop a better life routine. You can enter less specific events called Good Habits that are tasks you want to do more often and repeat over time. For example, you can ask Timeful to help you block off time to exercise or learn a new language. You then tell the app how often you want to do these activites and it will repeatedly find time for you to get to the gym or study those French verbs.


Timeful finds itself in a very crowded category of apps all claiming to increase productivity. It does have an interesting new approach that could make it infinetly more useful than much of the competition. However, it’s not always enough to just have a good product. Distingushing yourself from the noise can be hard. However, Timeful has raised $7 million from various ventur capital firms which should help keep the lights on and the ideas turning on how to make Timeful a success.