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How to Start a Successful Digital Development Business in 3 Easy Steps.

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1. Get a job 2. Hone your craft 3. Do what you do best It’s more complicated than these 3 steps may imply, but these steps are a solid wireframe for starting your own business.  Please, allow me to explain… Around three years ago, I left a really good job to start a business.  At the time I had no idea if it would work, but after three years of operating a successful business, I can look back now and see clearly what made it possible. Step 1: Get a…read more


Planning for the future, HTML 5 or The Flash Platform?

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Being a Flash Platform developer, I often have amusing conversations with front-end developers about when and where to use The Flash Platform in lieu of a more native approach like JavaScript. It always happens the same way. I say something mean about HTML, they say something mean about The Flash Platform, and then ultimately we Kumite to decide which approach to take. Lately however, the battle has become personal. Now, instead of being told how “non-search-engine-friendly” The Flash Platform is, I’m being told how I should just move on from…read more