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Waze – Social Mapping

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Smartphone mapping applications had been pretty well dominated by Google Maps until Apple cut ties with the Mountain View based web giant. But Apple stumbled mightily with the introduction of it’s own Maps application. The term debacle comes to mind when describing the failure that was Apple Maps. To open the door even further Google took it’s sweet time releasing a custom built application for iOS. The quibbling of the two tech behemoths created a virtual land grab for users. A myriad of mapping applications made their case for home…read more

2012 Tech News in Review

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2012 was a busy year in the world of technology. New gadgets, legal battles and corporate shake ups kept geek’s attention occupied all year long. Just how influential was 2012? It may be years before we can know for sure, but I think it’s safe to say that there was more than a few truly disruptive events that will shape the landscape of technology for the coming years. 2012 introduced the world to the ongoing problems of technology patent wars, we discovered how truly dependent we are on Google for our…read more

Apple OS X Lion

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Apple’s OS X Lion is the newest iteration of what many consider the best operation system on the market today. Borrowing heavily from iOS, the system behind Apple’s iPhone and iPad products, Lion brings gestures, launchpad and many other innovations to the desktop experience. Apple leadership seem to think Lion is a major advance in desktop computing. “Lion is the best version of OS X yet, and we’re thrilled that users around the world can download it starting today,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing….read more

Manage Your Websites Locally With MAMP Pro

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As any web developer worth his weight in JavaScript knows, you have to test your web sites and applications in detail, and in the environment where they will ultimately exist. This necessitates the need to recreate that environment locally, a sandbox for experimentation and testing. There are several server environments out there, and I don’t want to get into the strengths and weaknesses of them here, but suffice to say that the one most widely used on the interwebs is the open source Apache web server with PHP and MySQL….read more


Apple Tablet Will Make All Your Dreams Come True

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By now everyone is aware of the anticipated announcement tomorrow by Apple. Rumors are flying and it seems everyone has a “reliable source” that can confirm that the new Apple tablet will have a 10 megapixel camera powered by pixie dust. Wild speculation might be fun, but I will be abstaining in this article. Instead, I would like to focus on my wish list. The below are features that very well may not be included in the final design, but I feel would be invaluable in any computer with a…read more


My Top Ten iPhone Applications

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With the release of the new iPhone 3gs I imagine we will have a new wave of iPhone converts. What is getting less publicity but is probably more a boon to Apple’s dominant market share is the lowered price of the 3g phone to $99. This puts the iPhone at a much more palatable price point for those that still couldn’t bring themselves to spend $200 on a phone. With all of the new users, I thought I’d take the time to list my top ten favorite iPhone applications. So…read more