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Pencil by 53 – iPad Stylus

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Pencil is at it’s core a stylus for your iOS device. But the team at 53 knew that for a stylus to be useful, it would have to do more than than simply replace your finger. Pencil can do this by allowing the stylus to connect to your device via BLE or Bluetooth Low Energy. This new standard in Bluetooth technology allows devices to communicate with one another without the drain to battery life that has traditionally come with pairing a bluetooth device. What this means for Pencil is an…read more

Timeful Makes The Most Of Your Time

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Time is one of our most valuable resources. It’s finite and fleeting. For many of us, filling our free time with meaningful activities is a challenge. Human beings are easily distracted. It’s in our nature. The founders of Timeful have tackled this problem head on with a new iOS app that brings a bit of artificial intelligence to your daily schedule. By combining a to-do list with your calendar, Timeful can learn how you spend your time and allocate tasks in between your appointments. Need to finish that client presentation,…read more

My Top Ten iPhone Applications

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With the release of the new iPhone 3gs I imagine we will have a new wave of iPhone converts. What is getting less publicity but is probably more a boon to Apple’s dominant market share is the lowered price of the 3g phone to $99. This puts the iPhone at a much more palatable price point for those that still couldn’t bring themselves to spend $200 on a phone. With all of the new users, I thought I’d take the time to list my top ten favorite iPhone applications. So…read more